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Eileen Milunic (elmtree1216@epix.net)
Date:Sat 18 Apr 2009 09:20:31 PM EDT
Subject:Lovely lunch
 My friend and I visited your Gourmet Deli for the first time on April 16. We had such a delicious lunch. Everything was freshly prepared and the presentation was great. I hope to return again soon.

robin dodson, jeff moore (robwinn@earthlink.net)
Date:Fri 01 Feb 2008 04:33:57 PM EST
Subject:thank you
 Dear Lyn and Branko, We had such a lovely dinner last Saturday at the Patisseri! Jeff and I do enjoy the sensorial delight of a truly exquisite culinary experience..... and both your caviar appetizer AND the raspberry wine creme dessert just blew us away. We know that many hours of thoughtfulness and attention to detail have to precede such a successful dinner event. Thank you both for creating such a satisfying evening of gracious ambiance and epicurian delight!

Al %26 Lois Kobe (msts2_71@msn.com)
Date:Mon 28 Jan 2008 04:46:31 PM EST
Subject:The Saturday Night Gourmet Dinner Jan 26, 2008
 Sure we could give a wow!! great meal, great service, great evening but that is to plain vanilla for what we enjoyed this past Saturday eve. Lois and I are no stranger to that lovely little place called Branko's Patisserie and it's monthly Gourmet dining experiences, but this one was over the top and just needs a recogniition more than WOW! Their policy is BYOB and if you can't maneuver around the tastings for each course the "Chef" will help you ahead of time. Those pairings will never overshadow the fare but only enhance it. We started with cleansing our palate with a toasting of a fine champage and then treated our taste senses with an offering of "Hor d'Oeuvre" I nor my guests could never figure our what is the correct way to start an array of various tastings but we started, savored and enjoyed the calamari followed by the oh so tender and flavorful duck breast, alittle sip of champagne then finishing up with the blinis avec le caviar... how wonderful... lets start the Hor d'oeuvre again..... Not so quick.. the clearing of our dishes and the announcement and arrival of our second experience in the sense of taste.... Potage it was .. a fine tasting of potatoes, mushrooms enveloped in the most creamy of liquid.... pass the bagette we must have that last drop of liquid gold at the bottom of that bowl. As Lyn removed our silverware and plates we made way for our next culinary adventure. Indiscretely our waitress Jennifer replaced our flutes with fine stemware suitable for our Cabernet and Merlot. Were we in heaven or what? Relaxed we were as conversation flowed, just as if we were in an old world cafe we thought.... looking out the darkened window.... was this a canal out front??? POP**** our Entrees have arrived.. So gingerly did Lyn and Jennifer place in front of our faces of awe a meal that we just began to devour with our eyes..... The four of us opted for the same and there was no "try mine"! Each of us would dine on the Veal "Prince Orloff". So tender was the veal, deftly sliced from the saddle complimented by mushrooms and onions aside and engulfed in a Bechamel sauce. So tasty that I could only envision the spirit of Louis de Bechamel guiding the hand of Chef Branko preparing that creme of a sauce. I can recall that discussion at the table was reduced to hmmmm.. hmmm. As we finished that sampling of Prince Orloff' veal we rested and all agreed it was an exquisite meal to say the least...... Coffee sure.... but Les Dessert......... another treat for the eyes, another treat for the taste, and if you coud imagine you would hear the gluhwein and Cotta de Panna sing..... A small spoonful of the cotta de panna swirled around the pond of red and resting on the palate to be savored so slowly. We all died for the moment went to heaven and back..... As Chef Branko made his round of greeting and reception of a job well done. We felt he truely went over the top this fine Saturday evening and want to tell him exactly that. We left with a culinary experience and pampering that will be remembered by four and of course to book a future date with the master of the "Gourmet Night" So to you "Chef Branko" we warmly thank you for your offering of an exquisite ambient meal.. Lois, Al, Elizabeth and Ed

Steve Sears (SGS@SGSWrite.com)
Date:Fri 27 Jul 2007 10:17:02 PM EDT
Subject:Our visit today
 Good evening Chef Branko: Steve Sears, Bloomfield, NJ based freelance writer here. Perhaps you'll remember me. I and my 16 year old daughter Stefanie visited Branko's Patisserie du Jour this after noon (7/27) at 4:00PM for Soup du Jour, a Mediterranean Salad with Chicken, and a Leg of Lamb Sandwich -- just before the big rain storm hit. I was in town on assignment for Hudson Valley Magazine, and one of the things they wanted me to touch on was dining. The folks at Highlights Magazine recommended you folks, and our visit was well worth it. I often write dining, and your establishment was wonderful. Clean as can be, small and cute, your server was friendly and knowledgeable, and the food delicious. Sincerely, Steve Sears www.SGSWrite.com SGS@SGSWrite.com (973) 893-9011 220 Darling Avenue Bloomfield, New Jersey 07003

Hannah (@calihan_12@yahoo.com)
Date:Tue 24 Apr 2007 03:43:17 PM EDT
Subject:HEY GUYS!
 hey branko! I was looking up the number for you guys for references for job applications and I thought I would say hello. Miss you guys a lot! Miss working there. Much love!

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